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World Trade Organization vs The Yes Men wiki zice asa :"The Yes Men are a group of culture jamming activists who practice what they call "identity correction" by pretending to be powerful people and spokespersons for prominent organizations. They create and maintain fake websites similar to ones they want to spoof, and then they accept invitations received on their websites to appear at conferences, symposia, and TV shows. Their newfound, self-proclaimed authority to express the idea that corporations and governmental organizations often act in dehumanizing ways toward the public has met both positively and negatively with political overtones.

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What we want to do at the WTO is help you achieve your dollar results. And in just 20 minutes from now, I'm going to show you the WTO's very own solution to two of the very biggest problems in management.

În baza prevederilor «Acordului între Guvernul României şi Guvernul Republicii Ungare privind colaborarea pentru protecţia şi utilizarea durabila a apelor de frontieră», semnat la Budapesta, la 15 septembrieintrata în vigoare la 17 maia avut loc la Oradea, pe teritoriul României, în perioada 31 ianuarie - 2 februarieSesiunea a XVII-a a Comisiei hidrotehnice româno-ungare.

One-maintaining rapport with distant workforce, and two-maintaining healthful amounts of leisure. This solution, appropriately enough, is based in textiles.

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But how did workersever get to be a problem? Before unveiling our solution, I'd like to talk a bit about the history of the worker management problem.

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We all know about the American Civil War-at least in the U. It was the bloodiest, least-profitable war in the history of our country. A war in which unbelievably huge amounts of money went right down the drain and all for textiles.

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By the s, the South was utterly flush with cash. It had recently benefited from the cotton gin Hundreds of thousands ofworkers previously unemployed in their countries of origin were given useful jobs in textiles.

Into this rosy picture of freedom and boom stepped-you guessed it Now, some Civil War apologists have said that the Civil War, for all its faults, at least had the effect of outlawing an involuntarily imported workforce model of work. Now, this model is, of course, a terrible thing. I myself am an abolitionist.

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But, in fact, there is no doubt that, left to their own devices, markets would've eventually replaced slavery with cleaner sources of labor. To prove my point, please join me on what Albert Einstein used to call a thought experiment.

Suppose involuntarily imported labor had never been outlawed. That slaves still existed, and that it were easy to own one.

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What do you think it would cost today orele de deschidere forex espoo profitably maintain a slave, say, here in Tampere? Let's see To function well, you have to pay for your slave's health care.

Orele de deschidere forex espoo its country of origin was polluted, for example, that might run expensively. And, of course, what with child labor laws here in Finland, much of the youth market is simply not available.

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Now leave the same slave back at home. Let's say Gabon.

And health care is, of course, cheaper. On top of it all The biggest benefit of the remote labor system, though, is to the slave him or herself, because in Gabon there is no need for the slave not to be free.

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This is primarily because there are no one-time slave transport costs to recoup and so the potential losses from fleeing are limited to the slave's rudimentary training. Since the slave can be free, he or she suddenly becomes a worker rather than a slave.

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Also terrific for morale is that slaves-workers I think it's clear from our little thought experiment that if the North and South had simply let the market sort it out without protectionist tariffs, they would've quickly given up slavery for something more efficient anyhow. By forcing the issue, the North not only committed a terrible injustice against the freedom of the South, but also deprived slavery of its natural development into remote labor.

Had the leaders of the s United States understood what our leaders understand today, the Civil War would never have happened.

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In a world where the headquarters of a company might be in New York, Hong Kong, or Espoo, Finland, and the workers are in Gabon, Rangoon, or Estonia, how does a manager maintain proper rapport with the workers, and how does he or she ensure from a distance that workers perform their work in an ethical fashion?

I'm about to show you an actual prototype of câștiguri cu adevărat lucrătoare pe internet WTO's solution to two major management problems of today. Now, we all know that not even the best workplace design can help even the most astute manager keep track of workers. What you need is a solution that enables complete rapport with workers Mike, would you help me a moment?